Brazos Natural Foods _ "Chewy, crunchy, & raw."

"What's in your store?"

This is a look inside the store, with snapshots taken in different departments. These photos show what BNF carried at this moment in time, although our inventory is constantly changing as new products replace older products. In other words, if it doesn't sell, we try something else. If we've quit carrying your favorite cereal, or you can't find that shampoo you fell in love with, just ask us; we'll happily order the product for you unless it has been discontinued by the manufacturer or distributor. That happens... .


This is how Brazos Natural Foods appears from Texas Ave.


Here is view of the Supplement Department. Source of Life© Rules!


All your favorites, all - very cold.

Organic Veggies.

Don't forget to eat your vegetables! Organic, naturally.


We've got pasta for all tastes and diets. And great sauces.


Some excellent coconut oils, clarified butter, and fine olive oils.


Delicious breads. Make toast. Slather with real butter or coconut oil. Ummm! Or some real peanut butter from Arrowhead Mills.


Put it in a glass, pour it over granola, drink your soybeans!

This was a brief tour of the store. Yes, we will give you the Full tour when you drop by. Mom, the kids are welcome too. And there is so much more than we can show with these dated photos. But, it does give you an idea of what we carry. Hope to see you soon!

Chip Dept.

This is what you'd see standing on a ladder... .

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